Virtual Hiring Events

The advantages of hosting a virtual hiring event are many. There are several benefits small, medium or large companies can receive from hosting such an event, they are as follows:

Cost Saving

Companies save on travel, lodging, promotional items, meals and other expenses associated with face-to-face career fairs.


Increased Candidate Flow

Virtual events are easier for people to attend because there is no travel involved. For bigger impact and reach, companies can use a hybrid model, which is a combination of a virtual and face-to-face event.

Virtual Events are Interactive

Virtual Events allow people to chat with recruiters, hiring managers or executive teams from anywhere in the world!

Access to top level leadership

Virtual events provide attendees access to upper management. This can be accomplished through a virtual networking lounge or chat session.

Reporting & Analytics

With a physical career event, as an employer, you just get an attendance report.
With a virtual hiring event, every activity the candidate engages is tracked and reported, for example, clicks, visits, presentations watched, document viewed, chats, social shares, how they heard about you, where they went, what they did, etc…
This allows you to capture the data to highlight specific candidate interest and make better recruiting and marketing decisions.

Increased Brand Exposure

The event “lives on”. A career event may last one or two days then it is done. A virtual fair can have as many live days you’d like.

If you wish, you can leave it up on-demand for 30 / 60 / 90 days or permanently so people can access booths, presentations, documents and videos anytime.

Find out how Labora partners with employers for Virtual Hiring Events.

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