Why Labora?


When I retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 20 years of active duty service, like many of my veteran brothers and sisters, I was struggling to find my identity. What should I do now? For many years, the Marine Corps was my identity and purpose, but now that I was retiring from military service, I needed to find a new identity and had to really dig inside my soul to find my new purpose. This was not easy. In fact, it has been the most challenging aspect of my life. Thankfully, I connected with several mentors who guided me in the discovery of my new purpose.

After several years of serving as a Human Resources Manager and Talent Acquisition Manager in companies like Insperity, General Electric and Conco Services Corporation, I discovered my calling in Talent Acquisition. My calling was clear – to help other companies recruit top talent. So, in January 2020 I joined hands with my business partner to create a recruiting organization that is special, a company with a vision and mission of impacting the people and the economy of Puerto Rico in a positive way. This is where Labora LLC was born.

Why do we do it? We believe!

  • We believe in no employment opportunity or job seeker left behind.
  • We believe in connecting the best talent with the best employment opportunities Puerto Rico has to offer.
  • We believe in the tremendous opportunity that exist in connecting the talent in Puerto Rico with employment opportunities.
  • We believe in adding value to every business so they can prosper. We believe in adding value to the economy of Puerto Rico through job creation and finding the best talent for organizations.
  • We believe in serving clients and candidates with a high touch approach. We make recruiting personal. We are committed to impacting the community of Puerto Rico through meaningful employment by helping organizations recruit talent, create employment opportunities not only in our own organization, but also in partnership with other small, medium, and large companies in Puerto Rico.
  • We believe in offering employment opportunities where people can learn, grow, and make a positive impact to their employer and the community.

Finally, in all our actions, we are guided by our Vision, Mission and Values. We are committed to the success of every business and opportunity seeker in Puerto Rico.

If you are an employer in Puerto Rico, let us have a conversation about your needs and pain points as it relates to recruiting – let us look for ways to add value to your organization and help you grow. If you are looking for an employment opportunity, let us talk about your employment needs. I will listen to your talents, passions and purpose and find a way to connect you with an opportunity.

We look forward to serving all employers and job seekers in Puerto Rico with excellence, passion and with an everlasting thirst to add value so you can be the absolute best in the marketplace. I can be contacted at:


Abraham F. Negron

Vice Presidente

Labora LLC

787-619-2358 Cell




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